As we head into the weekend, Eater SF editors have compiled a list of recommendations to answer one of the most persistent and, arguably, pressing questions of the day: “Where should I eat?” Of course, we have several resources to help guide your dining and drinking decisions — for example, the San Francisco and East Bay heatmaps, which reflect the hottest new restaurants to try right now. But here we offer four suggestions of places to check out this weekend around the Bay Area. And if you’re looking for places to grab a drink, try these lists of the best new places to grab a cocktail in San Francisco and the East Bay.

For a post-farmers market meal: A16 La Pala

If you’re like me, then you might be looking forward to hitting the Ferry Building Farmers Market this weekend — now that you can do so without having to don any rain gear. But the truth is, I’m also looking forward to hitting up the newly opened A16 La Pala. The casual spinoff from the original and inimitable A16 on Chestnut debuted earlier this month and serves “thin, rectangular slices of pizza al taglio,” per the Chronicle. The hard-to-find pizza style can be ordered with toppings including roasted cherry tomatoes and fior di latte, escarole and anchovies, and fennel sausage and broccolini. There’s also a list of paninos all of which come on freshly baked focaccia, which is all to say, the only question remaining in my mind is exactly how to pare down my order to a reasonable number of items when the truth is I want to try it all. A16 La Pala, 1 Ferry Building, San Francisco

— Lauren Saria, Eater SF editor

For a tableside highball experience: Dark Bar

San Franciscans love a cart — whether for selecting bites from towering dim sum steam baskets or witnessing a massive prime rib sliced tableside, a cart signifies personalized attention and care. At least, that’s the idea behind the highball cart at Dark Bar, located inside the LINE SF hotel on Market Street. It also offers a moment to get thoughtful with your cocktail: to dive into the bar’s selection of whiskeys and flavored carbonated waters, and customize your drink to your sensibilities. It’s a chance to ask questions about the differences between the Japanese and Taiwanese bottles on offer, for instance. Of course, there are plenty of other cocktail options at Dark Bar to enjoy, but it’s nice to know one can indulge in cocktail nerdiness if you’d like. 33 Turk Street, San Francisco, CA, 94102

Dianne de Guzman, deputy editor

For a taste of the yacht life: Hurrica

After days of rain, this sunny weekend seems a good time to sidle up to the newly opened water-adjacent restaurant Hurrica, located in Redwood City’s West Harbor Marina. Seafood and live-fire cooking are the focus, and a meal can be built on your mood (and budget) — whether you’re going for a New York strip or a mix of seafood bites, such as broiled live sea scallops, Sunset Petite oysters, and shellfish chowder. Hurrica also delivers an ambiance that’s hard to achieve, and it makes sense, given that the restaurant comes from the same team behind Waterbar, Epic Steak, and Mersea. There are gorgeous interiors with thoughtful details, peacefully bobbing boats out on the water, a view of the open kitchen, and, yes, a much-publicized jellyfish tank. It’s a restaurant that somehow doubles as both a place to grab a solitary bite at the bar or host a group dinner with friends and family, and it’s perfectly suitable for both, with plenty to keep both types of parties content. It feels like a true, proper outing after being stuck indoors due to the rain. 150 Northpoint Court, Redwood City, CA 94063

— Dianne de Guzman, deputy editor

For a pizza and wine pairing: Ashes & Diamonds

What’s not to love about Ashes & Diamonds? Located on the southern end of Napa Valley, it’s easy to get to and from just about anywhere in the Bay Area, plus it’s undeniably one of the most fashionable wineries in the region, with its mid-century modern design and glass-encased tasting room that looks like something straight out of a glossy magazine. Toss in the fact that the wines are made by a star-studded list of talent including Steve Matthaison, Diana Snowden Seysses, and Michael Cruse and you’ve got a recipe for excellence. And finally, there’s the food. Chefs Ethan Spizer and Madison Gabor punch way above their weight with the menus served here, but for those who don’t want a full spread or to spend $175 on the wine tasting and lunch, there’s a new alarmingly affordable option not to be missed. The $45 Shroomy Schmaltzy Pizza experience includes, of course, a luxurious cracker-thin mushroom pizza and tastes of three wines. Drown the pizza in some of the winery’s creamy housemade ranch and be sure to savor the Cabernet Franc. The whole experience takes about an hour, which means you can hit another winery or head back home after a lovely little weekend reprieve. Ashes & Diamonds, 4130 Howard Lane, Napa

— Lauren Saria, Eater SF editor

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